Wednesday, April 3, 2013

#15 (2013/CBR5) "Someone to Watch Over Me" by Lisa Kleypas

I've discovered that romance novels immediately available on Kindle and free from the library are almost as hard to resist as chips and brownies. I'd enjoyed When Strangers Marry enough that I wanted to see what else Kleypas had written. My library has a pretty extensive collection of Kleypas books on Kindle, so I downloaded Someone to Watch Over Me (1999).

Plot: Grant Morgan, a Bow Street Runner, pulls an infamous courtesan out of the Thames River. Vivien Duvall wakes up and cannot remember anything about herself. Grant tries to discover the identity of the attempted murderer. He also decides to sleep with Vivien before she remembers who she is to get her back for spreading some nasty rumours about him. Vivien tries to remember her past life.

The good: Generally well-written and easy to read. Enough mystery to keep the story going.

The bad: Lots of typos in the Kindle version. Grant sleeps with Vivien in order to get revenge--before she even knows who she is. He once gets into bed with her, promising to just comfort her and help her sleep, but then he starts fondling her before she wakes up in the morning. This was creepy and I didn't like the double standard of how it is okay to treat a courtesan one way and a virgin another.

I did find Ross Cannon to be an interesting character (who is apparently in Lady Sophia's Lover), as well as the doctor whose name I've forgotten. I wouldn't mind reading books about them.

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