Saturday, February 15, 2014

#9 [2014/CBR6] "Something About You" by Julie James

I have a number of books waiting on my kindle that I got from the library and need to be read, so I was going to wait and get to Malin's and Mrs. Julien's recommendation: Something About You (2010) by Julie James a little later. But then I got sick, and the lure of some comfort reading along with my chicken noodle soup was irresistible.

Having mentioned in a previous review that I am a fan of FBI agents--the hunky, protective type--in my romance novels, I was led in the direction of Julie James, and I was not disappointed. This one was easy to read and pretty light and fun. Although there are killers and danger and such things, these more gruesome bits are glossed over in favor of grand recitations of bachelorette parties and weddings.

Cameron Lynde is an assistant U.S. Attorney. She is in a hotel room when she hears a murder next door, barely glimpsing the murderer as he leaves. She is thrown back in the company of Special Agent Jack Pallas, who is leading the investigation into the murder. These two have a past, albeit not romantic. They worked on a case together that ended publicly and badly. Cameron and Jack come together, slowly getting over past misunderstandings in order to make claim to their happy destiny.

I often avoid romance novels with lawyers in them because I am one and I can get tired of reading about them--especially when they are fake or glorified. But I didn't mind Cameron's character in this book. She is smart, powerful, and witty. Yes, there was a misunderstanding, but Cameron did have the logical conversation with Jack at a logical time, which was refreshing. I also very much enjoyed one of Cameron's best friend, a gay man. He was interesting in his own right and defied some of the more trite stereotypes. I also appreciated that James didn't even bother introducing the character of the groom of the wedding they attend. Instead she focused on the relationship between Cameron and Jack and the small circle of people around her. It made for a simple, straight-forward, enjoyable story.

I should mention that there were a couple of times I actually guffawed, such as when Jack drives Cameron home on the back of his motorcycle while she is under police protection. It's not like she didn't have another ride home--one that involved a police car. With seat belts. Can you imagine if he'd gotten in an accident? Also, I kept picturing the defense attorney bringing up Jack and Cameron's relationship at the trial. I think this might be my lawyer personality over analyzing potential consequences. I can't help it. However, since James never took herself or the story too seriously, it still worked, and it was definitely entertaining. I think I'll be reading a couple more from James in the future.

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