Saturday, December 23, 2017

#31 [2017/CBR9] "White Hot" by Ilona Andrews

It wasn't long after I'd finished reading Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews that I decided I needed to read the next book in their Hidden Legacies series. White Hot (2017) is book two out of three, and I was looking forward to some more adventures with Nevada Baylor and Connor "Mad" Rogan.

The Hidden Legacy Books take place in a world where magic is both common and important. Those who are the most powerful are called Primes, and their families rule the city and the social scene. Nevada Baylor's life is far from the glittering life of Primes. She takes care of her family by running her late father's private investigator's office. She has the magical power of knowing when people are lying, which helps immensely in her business. In the first book, she ended up working with Connor "Mad" Rogan, a billionaire Prime, on a case that threatened the entire city.

The two worked very well together in the first book and romance threatened. However, Nevada does not trust that Mad Rogan is even capable of liking her. She thinks that if he has any interest in her, it's because he likes the chase. But when a room full of lawyers is brutally murdered, Nevada and Mad Rogan are at it again, working together to figure out what's happened.

I really liked this second book for many reasons. One is that Andrews was not satisfied with the world they'd built in the first book, but expanded on what we already knew. The mystery from the first book widened to include other suspects and families. Nevada learns more about her powers and what she's capable of. We also learn more about her family. The reader meets new people with new powers and it's all fascinating. In addition, the entire story is fast-paced and dangerous. I felt like death threatened at every other page. It was fun reading.

It was in this second book that Nevada and Mad Rogan really cement their relationship. I'm glad that Andrews did not keep them dangling until the third book. Even though I could understand where Nevada was coming from, you can only be insanely attracted to the guy that just saved your life (again) for so long before your angry denials become tiresome and unbelievable.

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