Sunday, December 10, 2017

#7 [2017/CBR9] "Act Like It" by Lucy Parker

I'm definitely reading Lucy Parker's next book as soon as it comes out (hopefully soon). Act Like It (2015) was the first book I read by Parker, after seeing it recommended on Cannonball. I've since read her second novel and certainly look forward to more. It's not particularly earth shattering in any way, but it's well-written, fun, and emotional--better than most of the romances I've read lately.

"Almost every night, between nine and ten past, Lainie Graham passionately kissed her ex-boyfriend. She was then gruesomely dead by ten o'clock, stabbed through the neck by a jealous rival."

Lainie Graham is starring in a play in a West End theater, and she's having a hard time of it. She has to make out with one insufferable co-star, who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend, every night. To make matters worse, her other co-star, Richard Troy, is known for his egoism, difficult personality, and spoiled, rich-boy demands. In fact, Richard's reputation becomes so bad that ticket sales start to flag. Lainie, with her sweetheart image, is coerced into some misleading public appearances with Richard Troy in order to save his public persona--and the show along with it.

And so begins the relationship between Lainie and Richard. Parker does a remarkable job with the slowly growing connection between the two. Both Lainie and the reader are able to understand and like Richard more as they learn more about each other. Parker manages to change Lainie's perception of him without cheating by miraculously substituting him with the perfect man.

The dialogue and banter between the two main characters as well as the dry wit throughout the story were fun and engaging and really make this book worthwhile. In addition, I found the behind-the-scenes views of the theater world a fun and interesting setting for the plot. I recommend this book to the very few Cannonballers who haven't already read it, and to anyone who appreciates a fun romance once in awhile. In fact, writing this [belated] review has made me want to read it again.

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