Sunday, May 11, 2014

#21 [2014/CBR6] "A Lot Like Love" by Julie James

I enjoyed reading the first book I read by Julie James, so I figured I'd pick up another couple for some light vacation reading. A Lot Like Love (2011) was available on Kindle at my library, so it seemed as good a choice as any.

Jordan Rhodes is the daughter of a famous billionaire and the owner of a trendy wine store in Chicago. Her brother is a computer genius and is serving a prison sentence for breaking Facebook in response to a bad break up (absurd, but entertaining). When sexy, "top undercover" FBI agent, Nick McCall approaches Jordan Rhodes, offering her brother's freedom in exchange for her help, she can't refuse.

McCall wants to go to an exclusive wine party as Jordan's guest in order to go after the party's host for laundering drug money. But things get more complicated when the host takes a dislike to Nick and starts looking into his life and relationship. It doesn't help that the host is interested in Jordan himself.

To be honest, this one didn't really stick with me. I remember being entertained on the whole, but there weren't any scenes that still come to mind. Sure, I should have written this review a long time ago, but if there was something especially good or bad, time would not have erased it from my head this quickly. They spend a romantic weekend in wine country, which seemed like a good time. And I think there was a semi-contrived misunderstanding. Perhaps it's a little difficult to relate to someone as beautiful, rich, smart, and successful as Jordan--I don't remember her having any faults--except maybe she can't cook?. But I guess romance novels are mostly fairy tales anyway, so you may as well make a perfect heroine. On the whole, I didn't mind this one, but I preferred Something About You.

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