Friday, May 16, 2014

#22 [2014/CBR6] "It Happened One Midnight" by Julie Anne Long

I've been catching up on my Pennyroyal Green romances, which is why I picked up It Happened One Midnight (2013) by Julie Anne Long to read on my vacation. This one involves the infamous womanizer, Jonathan Redmond and the mysterious Thomasina de Ballesteros.

Jonathan and Thomas, as she's called, like each other right away, but circumstances, of course, tend to get in the way. Jonathan's father is difficult and requires that Jonathan find a suitable match ASAP. He has no patience for Jonathan's youthful games or moneymaking schemes and is not interested in what Jonathan might be interested in himself. He treats Jonathan more like an unhelpful servant than family or someone with his own mind.

Thomas has her own problems. From scrabbling enough money together to live, entertaining men at her friend's salons, or trying to save children from disastrous circumstances, she does not fulfill the requirements of s suitable spouse for Jonathan Redmond. It doesn't help that her mother was a paramour. In order for them to be together, Jonathan must stand up for what he wants and deny the wishes of his father.

There are a number of previous Pennyroyal Green couples in this novel, which were fun to revisit. It also made me want to read Ian's story, which I haven't gotten around to yet. I also liked both Jonathan and Thomas in this novel. They both had enough going on in their lives to make them independent and interesting. I also liked the feeling that they were making a difference in their lives, and their interactions were entertaining and enjoyable. I liked the scene by the river because of Jonathan's actions and what they meant, although I could not believe that a medal would float down a river without sinking immediately.

This wasn't my favorite of Julie Anne Long's, but I still enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to reading more from her.

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