Friday, May 16, 2014

#23 [2014/CBR6] "Just the Sexiest Man Alive" by Julie James

Just the Sexiest Man Alive (2008) was the second book by Julie James that I picked up for my vacation. It's also the only other James book available on Kindle from my library. This one definitely made more of an impression than A Lot Like Love. The characters and situations were funny and entertaining. And although I had some problems with the hero, apparently he saw the light by the end of the book. I definitely had a good time reading it.

Taylor Donovan is a hotshot employment litigation attorney from Chicago. She's temporarily in her firm's L.A. office to try a very important case. While in L.A., Taylor is assigned by her partner to babysit Jason Andrews. Jason is a Brad Pitt-type character, the hottest, sexiest thing going on in Hollywood at the moment [literally, People's "sexiest man alive"], and he's prepping for a new role in his latest film. He's also spoiled, self-centered, and oblivious, surrounded by minions prepared to grant his most menial wish, and constantly kissing up to him.

Taylor, however, has her own life and goals, and is not impressed with Jason's lack of commitment and consideration. I did find it somewhat ludicrous that an attorney in the middle of a 20 million dollar trial would be ordered to hang out with an actor--no matter how important his business is to the firm. I also found all of the free time Taylor managed to have in the middle of trial pretty unrealistic. But I guess she needed time to fall in love and without it there wouldn't be a book.

From the beginning, Taylor and Jason do not get along. He stands her up for days at a time while she's trying to prepare for trial, and she is not shy about voicing her displeasure. She is, of course, also beautiful, and Jason finds her intriguing. Taylor is not interested but forced to continue working with Jason by her boss. And this leads to both the best and worst parts of the book.

The worst part of the book is that Jason is a bad person. He uses people, he treats people horribly, and he doesn't care about anyone besides himself. Sure, his attitude is half explained through the way he is constantly treated as a disposable actor, but true character can rise above being rich and famous. It was hard for me to forgive him his past faults. He is a giant, screaming red flag. In fact, the best part of Jason was Jason's best friend, the only sane and nice person around him. If only the friend weren't a smoker, then I would have preferred the friend.

However, the best part of the book is the interplay between Taylor and Jason. They have fun, entertaining interactions. I was often smiling and laughing as I read and the lighthearted tone of the book fit the characters and situations.

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